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How to use talent pool

The talent pool is not a traditional CV database. To be added, a developer must complete a full profile on the platform and indicate being open to opportunities.

Developer profiles are anonymous. Developers have the choice of displaying their first name or using a pseudonym. They can also select companies that will not be able to see them in the search engine with a "Deny List".

The developer contact details (email, full name and phone number) are only transmitted if a recruiter contacts the developer and the developer accepts the meeting request.

In order to provide the best possible experience for developers and recruiters, the pool is updated every day. If we notice that a developer has not logged in for a long time, an email is sent to the developer asking him to confirm that he is still open for opportunities. Otherwise, or if the developer does not respond, we remove the profile from the pool. (The developer can reactivate it later).

A search alert system allows you to be notified if a developer who matches a particular search registers on

When a recruiter contact a developer, the developer has 3 days to respond to the request. He may decline the request without justification, but if he does not respond within this period, his profile is removed from the pool. This is to avoid soliciting him if he is not available and to save precious time for recruiters.

Updated on: 05/03/2021

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