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How do subscriptions work ?

We attach the utmost importance to the satisfaction of our customers. That's why our subscriptions are simple and transparent. In this section, you will find an explanation of how they work.

When you start a subscription you have a 3-day trial to change your mind, without justification. You will not be charged before this period.
Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the billing period you have chosen: Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.
There is no obligation: you can stop your online subscription at any time directly from your personal space.

No recruitment fees: There is no additional fee if you recruit on

There are two main commercial limits on our subscriptions:
The number of job offers: This is the number of job offers that you can publish simultaneously while your subscription is active. At any time, it is possible to unpublish an offer to publish a new one as long as you do not exceed this limit.
Conversations slots : This is the number of simultaneous conversations that you can start with candidates from the talent pool. A slot is freed when the candidate answers the approach or after 24 hours without a response from the candidate.

The conversation limit guarantees the quality of exchanges with candidates. It guarantees that candidates on are not over-solicited by "spam" conversations. We offer greater limits on "Business subscriptions", we invite you to contact us for more information.

Updated on: 12/03/2021

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