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Connect my Teamtailor ATS

Prepare Teamtailor

To connect your Teamtailor ATS to, you must communicate your company identifier to your teamtailor referent so that he activates the integration on your Teamtailor account. You can reach out to our support to obtain your company identifier.

Teamtailor integration state

Publish job offers : ✅
Candidates push to teamtailor : ❌

Publish a job offer from Teamtailor

Once the integration is activated by your Teamtailor referent, you should see WeLoveDevs in the promote section of your Teamtailor jobs.

teamtailor integration activated

Click on WeLoveDevs's logo to start publishing.
You'll see the form to fill the required missing informations.
Fill all the fields.

Contract: Permanent/Fixed-Term/Freelance/Internship/Apprenticeship,
Required Experience
Low range salary value in k€
Upper range salary value en k€

Once all the fields are filled, your job offer will be directly sent and publish on WeLoveDevs if your plan allows it. Otherwise it will be kept in drafts.

Candidates push to teamtailor

This feature is not available yet, reach out to us to get informations on where we're at on its integration

Updated on: 26/04/2022

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